I Mean Every Word

Owning boats my entire life and finally having the opportunity to search for a live aboard in St. Petersburg, Florida, I looked for a broker who not only had a wide array of sail and powerboats in their inventory, but were also avid and credentialed sailors. I chose Florida West Coast Yachts and cannot express enough their expertise and genuine interest in partnering with me to help me find the boat that was perfect for me and my family.

David was completely interested in understanding my specific needs and guided our search to eventually introduce us to the Hatteras of our dreams. He patiently and professionally worked through the typical buyer due diligence and was instrumental in brokering a deal that met my stringent standards.

David introduced me to his partner, Al, a seasoned and widely recognized expert sailor, who immediately saw my interest in knowing the boat and the local boating community. Al has not only been a great source of instruction, but has also become a trusted friend and regular cruising partner, teaching me the nuances to the Tampa Bay waters and freely extending his talents to make me a much better captain!

Most yacht buyers are looking for more than a boat, they are looking for an experience and a lifestyle. Florida West Coast Yachts’ knowledge of yachting and their willingness to advance their expertise toward your specific needs and interests is their signature. If you are looking for a partner in your search for just the right yacht, I am certain you will find the team at Florida West Coast Yachts to be more than brokers, but trusted partners and friends, just as I have.

See you on the water!
Rob Groff