Purchased Yacht Sight Unseen

Usually, sight unseen is a bad idea for just about everything when buying most anything.  But when it comes to yachts and the employ of FWCY, I was free to be as reckless as possible.

I was in Miami FL completing a sea trail on a boat I had found through a broker. The sea trail wasn’t going well so I decided to keep looking. I called David Foster about a sailboat he had listed in St.Pete at the Municipal Marina. David gave me very thorough details on the boat and it sounded like what I was looking for. I thanked him and said I would keep it in mind.

Two weeks later I called FWCY from home in Indiana to tell them I wanted to buy the boat that day. David offered to get a haul out and survey before I completed the purchase but, time was short so, I gave him an offer. He consulted the seller and came back with a counter offer. I accepted and told him I would wire the money. David was skeptical and advised me to let him get a survey and haul out but I said he had told me all he knew about the boat and that was good enough. I needed a boat that I could step aboard in 2 weeks. I closed the deal and David handled all the money and paperwork. When I arrived in Florida the boat was just as described. I lived aboard for three years and sold he for what I paid.

Everything I told by FWCY through out the process was spot on.