Buyer’s Broker Setting Us Up for Success

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When we decided to buy a boat and sail around the world, we weren’t sailors.  Our knowledge and experience was all from the research we had done by reading review, articles, and blogs.  Lest to say, we were entering an entire world without a chart and no guide.  David Foster appeared seemingly out of nowhere, he became our buyer’s broker who’s up to this day has continued to check in with us to make sure that we achieved our dream of sailing around the world.

An RV Adventure to Kick off the Sailing Adventure

Our search started in Portland, Oregon back in 2015.  After a bit of searching around, we eventually had a hunch that Florida was where all the boats were and where it seemed that everyone either had a boat or was connected to the water in some way.  In addition to that, it was where we could sail year round and practice everything we needed to get us ready for our long term dream: Sail Around the World at a Walking Pace.  See and experience the world’s wonders and cultures as we’ve known it growing up before it’s all gone.

All packed up and ready to move to florida... but not before a 2 month long RV Road Trip Across America!
All packed up and ready to move to florida… but not before a 2 month long RV Road Trip Across America!

So we packed up all our things and our cat and sold everything that we couldn’t take with us.  Eventually, we found ourselves in St Petersburg – one of the best sailing cities in the US and, as we found out during Hurricane Irma, the best place to protect our huge investment.

Joining a Boca Ciega Yacht Club

When we got to St Petersburg, found an apartment, and then began to settle into our day to day, we found the Boca Ciega Yacht Club through their sailing school to learn to sail.

Learning to Sail at Boca Ciega Yacht Club

Enter David Foster

As we got to know the members and our boat search, David Foster was recommended by the members.  So we gave him a call and before we knew it, we were out crawling around boats.  David immediately set to work.  First order of business: Making sure that we really wanted what we thought we were looking for.

I can’t stress that enough – if you’re looking for the wrong thing, you’ll never find what you really want in a sailboat.

When we started back in 2015, we thought we wanted a Catamaran.  After talking with David, we quickly realized that a cat wasn’t really what we wanted… and thus started that conversation and he started showing us monohauls.  That quickly lead us to many very good boats, whereas before we thought we were stuck.  David helped to “unstuck” us.  Kind of like we had run aground and David hauled us out of the muck.

Through a tip, we found an unlisted yacht that would eventually be our boat.  We have now entered completely uncharted territory for us.  David introduced to us the idea of a buyer’s broker, helped us every step along the way to inspect, survey, negotiate, buy the boat, and then prepare her for long distance cruising.

David Foster Helps Asa Sail into Maximo
David Foster Helps Asa Sail into Maximo

He got all the paper work together, arranged for the survey, found the original Surveyor, and was right there, lock step with us, asking all the questions we didn’t even know to ask.  He even did the hard job of helping us negotiate a fair deal with a motivated seller who was a very good negotiator.

David’s skilled negotiating saved us thousands of dollars – all of which we immediately put right back into the boat!  It’s like getting a bonus check to help us get closer to our dream.

SY Petrichor

SY Petrichor Haulout

Fast foward a VERY dense year and we’re in full swing, getting ourselves ready to move aboard.  David has helped us with parts, recommendations, services… too much to list!  Thank you so much, David!